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Omar Santos, Italy, offers a Tiki Hand-Made Machine to the Winner
of the Tatau of the Month - Feb. 2012

 Omar Santos, tattoo artist in Italy, specializing in Polynesian style, has created for himself the perfect tattoo machine, and he is now offering one of his hand-made machines to the winner of the Tatau of the Month of February 2012 !

omarsantos-machine-05Its frame is shaped as a tiki face, and the machine is available in liner or shader version.
To build this machine, Omar has applied all the know-how of the Bible of tattoo machines makers: “Tattoo Machines & their Secrets” by Steve Godoy. Only the best components have been used, especially for the coils that are the core of the machine.

Omar has made a few more machines available for selling.
Please contact him for details.

Address: Santos Tattoo (Omar Santos): Via Mazzini 12, Gallarate, Italy; tel: 0331.794.165.

Web page on tahititatou.com: tahititatou.com/artist-it-santos.html
Facebook page: facebook.com/santos.tattooo


The Tiki Machine is packed in this wooden box designed by Omar.
Iron frame
10 wrap coils
Front and rear terminals brass and copper contact screw.
Weight: 185 gr
Liner and shader
Color: red, green, dark gray
Price: 280 Euros


 Omar on his trip to Moorea, French Polynesia


Omar Santos studio is located in Gallarate, Italy.

Tiki Machine by Omar Santos

Tiki Machine by Omar Santos

Tiki Machine by Omar Santos

Tiki Machine by Omar Santos

Tiki Machines by Omar Santos

Omar at work

Omar at work

Tattoo by Omar Santos

Tattoo by Omar Santos

Tattoo by Omar Santos

Tattoo by Omar Santos

Tattoo by Omar Santos

Tattoo by Omar Santos

Tattoo by Omar Santos

Tattoo by Omar Santos

Albert tested the tiki machine - 02

Tahitian artist Mataruau Duday, “Albert Tattoo” in Moorea, has tested and approuved the hand-made Tiki machine.

Mataruau Duday: "Après 3 heures de travail, la machine ne chauffe pas. Le piqué est plus doux qu'avec les machines industrielles. Les machines de Omar ont besoin de moins de voltage pour fonctionner et donc ça tape moins fort, ce qui est bien pour le client car du coup, c'est moins douloureux."

Translation: “After 3 hours working, the machine was not heating. The tattooing is smoother than with industrial tattoo machines. Omar’s machines need less voltage to work, thus they beat less hard, which is good for the client because it’s less painful.”

Mataruau Duday is on Facebook.

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