Tikiroa, Tiki Tatoo, Thailand

Tikiroa, Tiki Tatoo, Thailand

4th. Tikiroa, Tiki Tatoo, Ko Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand (215 votes).

The story behind the tatau, by Tikiroa:
"The the guy who got the tattoo is a friend from years ago who I had not seen for over 6 years. He was going through a lot of personal family trouble. When we met again, he asked me to make him a tattoo. I had some drawings in my shop that i had done in my free time, and every time he would point to a design it was tikis; so he asked about the meaning of them, and after that he said, "that's what i want", so I drew him some new tikis.

It was done the Thai Bamboo style although I do not use bamboo but the sticks are fiber and the needles are stainless steel - the loose needles you get for the machine. We also have stainless steel sticks. The style is a little bit different from the style that the monks use because they use a single point stick and the tattoo is done in dot work style; while I use multiple needles in a strait line so that you get a line instead of a dot."

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