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  • Tattoos with a problem

    Do you have a “messed-up” tattoo or one that you somehow regret? Share your experience so that others can avoid the same regrets; Please send your photos and comments on “Contact us” page.
    If you would like to give a counsel about one of the problems in this section, you’re most welcome to do so by email or on the forum.

  • Christophe, Belgium, wanted a symbole of love; he really hated his tattoo! But now he is happy.
  • Godefroy : “Since I’ve had this tattoo, 10 years ago, I’ve always had problems with this foot.”
  • Andreas, Germany: “After the first or second session any think is not ok in my life I lost my grandmother, a very god friend of me, my girlfriend leave me after 10 year's, I lost one of my job, and more and more..”

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