Tattooist: Chris Tattoo, Paris
Tattooed: Christophe
Message (from Christrophe): I went to Chris Tatoo in Paris;
I was coming from Belgique. The result of the tattoo is catastrophic.
Chris doesn’t even answer me. I start even wondering if the meaning
is right. I wanted a Polynesian tattoo because I love them, and I
wanted to put down on my skin the love and support that my girlfriend
and my parents give me. What should I do??
Can anybody confirm me the meaning of my tattoo - the love and
support from my girlfriend and parents?

Answer (Philippe): The main motif is a stylized Marquesan tiki head. It seems
that the tattooist has filled the motif with small Marquesan patterns without
knowing what he was doing neither on the symbolics side nor on the technical one!

Note: After a conversation on the forum which lasted a few weeks, Christophe finally
got his tattoo fixed by a real professional. See next pages.