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  • Tribal Tattoo News - August 2007

    Markus tattoed by Schmerzfabrik, AustriaTattoo for strength in times of trouble

    Markus, tattooed by Schmerzfabrik, Austria: “I see in my tattoo my life internal force. There are times in life when everything runs all straight... and there are other times when you hit a corner or an edge... then one needs rest and internal strength”. Read on.

    Hawaiian tattoo revival pionneer Mike Malone died

    Mike “Rollo” Malone, one of the Hawaiian tattoo revival pionneer, back in the late 70s, passed away on April 17, 2007.
    Mike "Rollo" MaloneHe had started specializing in traditional Hawaiian patterns in 1978. He was the first tattooer to offer this style among Hawaiian tattooers. Mike Malone had a shop in Honolulu's Chinatown, named China Sea Tattoo Company until 2001

    From Malone’s customer Ray Watimar: “I just found out the other day when I was surfing the web. I got my first tattoo (1995) from Mike Malone at his China Sea Tattoo shop in Honolulu. A one inch Hawaiian arm band on my left arm that I still wear proudly. In fact, Mike Malone helped popularized many of the Polynesian style tattoos that local folks sport in Hawaii today...”

    Tom, Hawaii: Tattoo for protection of my familyTom, USA: Protection of my family

    Tom, tattooed by Odyssey Tattoo, Kailua, Hawaii:I had wanted a Polynesian style tattoo for quite awhile. I used to live in Hawaii and was recently able to go back for vacation. I met with Megan at Odyssey and explained what I was looking for. She was great and designed something that hit the nail on the head. The entire theme of the tattoo is family”. Read on.


    Conventions featuring Polynesian tribal artists

    London convention, Octobre 5-7, 2007
    The annual convention of London will take place from October 5 till 7, 2007. Polynesian tattoo will be represented. Read on

    Tattoonesia 2007, in Tahiti, November 7-12, 2007
    After Moorea, TATTOONESIA 2007 will take place from November 7 to 12, in Papeete, Tahiti. Read on

    Marquesan Arts Festival - December 17-20, 2007
    Festival of Arts and Cultures from 17 till 20 December 2007 in UA-POU, Marquesas Islands. This 7th festival of the MATAVAA O TE HENUA ENANA will have for subject the TUHUKA: the masters, the experts who possess the ancient times knowledges. Read on

    10th Festival of Pacific Arts in American Samoa in 2008
    The 10th Festival of Pacific Arts will be held in American Samoa from July 20th to August 2nd 2008 (10 festival days).
    Since 1972, delegations from 27 Pacific Island Countries and Territories have come together to share and exchange their cultures at each Festival of Pacific Arts every four years. Read on

    Looking for a convention with Polynesian tribal tattooists? Check out our Tribal Tattoo Events page. If you are an artist specialized in Polynesian tribal style, and you will be taking a part in a convention, please let us know. We will pass on the info.

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