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  • Tribal Tattoo News - July 2007

    Polynesian Tattoo Conventions

    New section: Looking for a convention with Polynesian tattooists? Check out our new Events page. If you are an artist specialized in Polynesian style, and you will be taking a part in a convention, please let us know. We will pass on the info on TahitiTatou Events page..

    London convention, Octobre 5-7, 2007
    The annual convention of London will take place from October 5 till 7, 2007. Polynesian tattoo will be represented. Read on

    Tattoonesia 2007, in Tahiti, November 7-12, 2007
    After Moorea, TATTOONESIA 2007 will take place from November 7 to 12, in Papeete, Tahiti. Read on

    Marquesan Arts Festival - December 17-20, 2007
    Festival of Arts and Cultures from 17 till 20 December 2007 in UA-POU, Marquesas Islands. This 7th festival of the MATAVAA O TE HENUA ENANA will have for subject the TUHUKA: the masters, the experts who possess the ancient times knowledges. Read on

    10th Festival of Pacific Arts in American Samoa in 2008
    The 10th Festival of Pacific Arts will be held in American Samoa from July 20th to August 2nd 2008 (10 festival days).
    Since 1972, delegations from 27 Pacific Island Countries and Territories have come together to share and exchange their cultures at each Festival of Pacific Arts every four years. Read on

    Tatau video clips

    Raymond graffe, interviewed for Tattoonesia 2006New section: Clips on Polynesian tattoo will be added regularly on this page.
    If you have got any or if you know about cool video clips, please send them in!

    Videos filmed during the second Tattoonesia festival held in Moorea, French Polynesia, last year.
    Including interviews of famous Polynesian tattoo masters.

    New Pictures

    Genealogy tattoo by Sam ShawAncient Wisdom and Spirituality by Sam Shaw, Hawaii
    Samuel Morgan Shaw has been a tattoo artist for well over a decade. In his artistic evolution he has come to specialize in tattoos that reflect Polynesian Culture. “I want to incorporate Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality, Movement and Meanings into the tattoos I create”, explains Sam. “Part of my Creative Process is Intuitive and Symbolic. I want to help keep tradition alive and I give thanks to those that have taught me, urged me and shown support”. See pictures.
    You can get tattooed by Sam at Farsyde Tattoo studio, Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii.

    Souvenir of my honeymoon trip in Polynesia
    Anthony: I wanted a souvenir of my honeymoon trip in Polynesia.
    I had gathered quite a bit of info on several tattooists before leaving, and I finally chose Efraima and gave him carte blanche. Read on (see photos).

    Give me the meaning of my tattoo
    Bob: I basically found the tattoo in their shop and liked the design.  He said he could see some representation of family and two turtles in the tattoo. I was wondering if you could give me some explanation of the meaning by any chance. Read on (see photos)

    Tim, unconditional fan of Roonui
    Roonui with Tim in Montreal, June 07Tim came twice to Moorea (where Roonui was before he moved to Canada).
    His is an unconditional fan of Roonui
    He went to Montreal, Quebec to have his tattoo continued.
    Another session is due for the current year.
    Tim from Amsterdam
    Design taken from Karl Von Den Steinen book
    June 07
    See Roonui recent work.

    Strong signs of my life, by Simeon Huuti
    Régis tattooed by Siméon Huuti during the Tatau Festival in St Paul Les Trois Chateaux, France
    It symbolizes for me strong signs of my life: the turtle represents fertility, the geckko is the guardian of my house, and the tikis. There are also shark teeth and my wife. Read on (see photos)


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