Manu Tuhuka Haatiki Kii

Artist Info:

Name:  Manu Tuhuka Haatiki Kii

Studio:  Manu Tattoo


Address:   Vilseck Germany

Telephone:  +49 9662-6226

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Manu Tuhuka Haatiki Kii

Artist Bio:

„Manu Tattoo“  O le Tufuga Tatau Feagai Manu Kelley, in Vilseck, also known as, Manu Tuhuka Haatiki Kii,

Is specialised in Polynesian tattooing.

Manu loves her work through and through, and it shows.  She is known for her Polynesian tattoo work, each single tattoo is drawn right on the customer freehand, with symbols and designs fitting to the customer.  Manu has studied the meaning of these symbols, making each tattoo specifically for the customer.


Manu was spiritually adopted into the Samoan family of Matai (Family chief) Maua Faleauto on 15 Nov. 2017, she was given the name Feagai. 

Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand, from Maua Faleauto.

O le Tufuga Tatau Feagai Manu Kelley.

I was invited to view the artistic tattooing work of Manu, I was impressed.  My family are an ancient line of Tufuga Tatau.  She has asked for guidance and support in pursuing her dream to keep our tattooing traditions alive.  I am delighted to accept her and adopt her as my Samoan sister and to protect the work and aloof she has for our customs and traditions.  Some men say that she has no place tattooing at all, I say that the gift that she has must be encouraged and that our women like Manu Kelley, must be nurtured.  I will never allow bullying or gender discrimination to harm our Aiga.  So I have named her Feagai Manu Kelley O le Tufuga Tatau.

Manu’s Polynesien styles include Samoan, Maori, Marquisian, Hawaiian, Fijian, Rarotongan, Micronesian, Tahitian, Tongan and Polynesian fusion.

These tattoos are made up of designs and symbols that stand for strength, protection, family genealogy, and much more.  They are full of tradition, and mystical secrets, they tell your story.


Manu is able to aesthetically present these designs on each customer.

Because these tattoos are draw on freehand by Manu, she is able to match them perfectly to each individuals body, accentuating muscles and body curves.

See in her gallery, Polynesian.


In view of the 20 plus years of tattooing experience, it’s easy to see how she has made a name for herself, not only with the Polynesian tattooing, but also for her realistic tattooing, complicated coverups, and all other tattoo styles, which you can see in the gallery of other styles

In the years 2017 - 2019, Manu has won first place 8 times, in the internationally known Tatau Awards.

These Tatau Awards are made up of the 100 best polynesian tattooist in the world.  The voting take place on Facebook, on the Tatau of the month page.

Since January 2020, Manu has volunteered to take over responsibilty for the world championships of polynesian tattooing.  Due to this position, Manu will no longer compete in the Tatau Awards.

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