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  Polynesian Tattoos


  • Nazca Cultural Skin : clothing and beachwear with Polynesian tattoo designs.
  • Maori Tattoo : The significance of Ta Moko, the Maori tattooing.
  • Tattoonesia : the official blog of the annual tatau convention in Polynesia
  • The Vanishing Tattoo : “A global Odyssey in search of authentic tattoos”. Section about Tahiti, Samoa, New-Zealand and Hawaii.
  • Tongan Tattoo : Traditional and modern Tongan tattooing.

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  Tattoo Conventions

  Polynesia and Oceania

  • South Pacific Organizer: Guidebook writer David Stanley provides mini-guides to South Pacific destinations, island maps, listings of films, music, and books,  answers to FAQs, and links to numerous other travel sites relating to the South Pacific.
  • Infography: This reference tool enables a student, librarian, or teacher to identify excellent sources of information about a subject of inquiry, viewed through the lens of expert opinion. Infography has selected Tahiti Tatou site as “Excellent site” in the Polynesia section.
  • Zeroland Oceanic Art Directory: Archaeology, Contemporary Pacific artists, Cook Islands, Easter Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Melanesia, Museums, New Caledonia, New Guinea, Niue, New Hebrides, New Zealand, Oceania newspapers, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tapa cloth, Tattoos, Tonga, Vanuatu
  • Just Pacific: Research on Pacific art and culture by Rod Ewins, Ph.D. in sociology.
  • Polynesie Passion: About French Polynesia. Good source of information about Ma’ohi culture.

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Tribal tattoo DictionaryThe Dictionary of Polynesian Tattoo SymbolsLe Dictionnaire des symboles du tatouage polynésienEl Diccionario de los símbolos del tatuaje polinesio
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  • ES El Diccionario de los símbolos del tatuaje polinesio