Po'oino Yrondi

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Name:  Po'oino Yrondi

Studio:  Ti'a'iri Tattoo Studio

Website:  www.pooinoyrondi.com

Address:   Saint Amand Puisaye,


Telephone:  +33 (0)386240287

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Po'oino Yrondi

Artist Bio:

Tattoo artist for over twenty years, Po’oino Yrondi grew up in Polynesia, in the marquesas islands and Moorea.
There, he started getting tattoos and tattoo to claim the islands cultural identity.  Thus he participated in the growing movement of tatau revival.

He then moved to Hawaii where he opened the tattoo shop “New Tribal Polynesian Tattoos.  Continuing to tattoo the local and tourist community, his growing reputation led him to tattoo the actor Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, which makes Po’oino Yrondi, one of the main references in Polynesian tattoo in the world.

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