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    Tattooed: Brandon Rapoza
    Tattooist: Brandon Rapoza (self tattooed)
    Studio Address: My Home/T.A.T.S (Tribal Art Tattoo Studio), Hilo, Hawaii
    Date: 04 / 2005
    Timing: approx. 4 hrs
    What it Represents for Brandon: This tattoo design I got off a link from this page called Fenua Flash. I changed some parts to make it my own.
    Though tattooing yourself is a difficult task in
    itself I managed to do it! I have been tattooing
    for 6 months and love doing tattoos of all type specially those with Polynesian influence!
    This tattoo represents for me the connection between man and sea. Also the turtle is a family Aumakua (guardian/protector). The tiki is here also for protection.


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