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Transforming Feelings into a Design - 1

Testimony sent by Steve tattooed by Marama, Bora Bora.


Steve tattooed by Marama, Bora Bora, in 3 hours.

What it represents for Steve: 

“The manta ray is the symbol of freedom.- Freedom from illness & pain.
The Tikis represent protection - Protection of me and my wife. The turtle is the symbol of long life - Health
The female Tiki on the turtle's back is my wife. (She is ill). Also, I got the Tattoo on the last day of 04. - New beginning for us”.

On my trip to Bora Bora I met some great people.

I made an appointment with Marama when I first got to the island. He came highly recommended by some of the locals who wear his work. I told him I wanted a manta ray. I also told him I liked the tikis because of their protection.

Later I met Patrick. A big, tattooed, fire dancing, long haired Polynesian. Over way too many beers at the beachcomber, he asked me why I wanted my tattoo. I explained to him that my wife is ill and that we have been having a really bad time. I also told him that I was looking for a symbol of my strength/love/concern/fear. He convinced me that I really needed to explain all of this to Marama first thing in the morning so he can make my tattoo meaningful in the way that I was looking for. 

I talked with Marama. He seemed to understand my feelings. He said that I needed a powerful totem. He told me that he would work it out and figure out what I needed.

I decided to go to see the Mantas the next day.


A Manta Ray powerful totem

I went diving in the pass where I had heard you can sometimes see the Manta Rays. At about 85 feet down they appeared to me. 5 huge Manta Rays flying gracefully through the pass. They circled to check us out and let us get very close. I knew then that the Manta was the right choice. Powerful, free, serene and beautiful.

When I got to Marama's shop on the morning of the 31st, he told me that he had an idea for my tattoo that incorporated all that I had told him.

I did not see the design until it was completed. I think it is the most amazing tattoo I have seen. Of course it is about me and my life, and that is why it is so powerful for me.

Of course, tattoos are very personal and they don't need to be dripping with symbolism but for me, it makes the experience something I'll never forget.

And it gives me strength.  I can feel it. »

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