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Custom Designs


If there is no Polynesian-style tattooist close to your place, you can order your custom tattoo design  by email. Then any good professional will be able to tattoo it on you.

We have selected for you the best professional artists specializing in Polynesian style.

Prices vary according to the size and complexity of the design. On average, you must allow about 400 US$ for a half sleeve. This price includes:
- your design ready to print
- the outline for the stencils
- the meanings of your life symbols
- the simulation of your tattoo

 It usually takes about 4 weeks from your request until the final design.

You will be able to fill in your custom design request in the subscribers area.


1. Check the dictionary in order to choose your symbols and body area with full knowledge. Remember that your tattoo is going to tell your story. It is essential to understand the process of tattoo creation. Do not skip this crucial step. Its cost is only about 2 to 4% of an average tattoo budget. Immediate access to the Dictionary.

2. Fill in the custom design form, describing your tattoo project in details.

3. You will soon receive a reply from our design service with details about your design creation process and estimate.



Andreas: Im very happy by the result and can t wait to getting started on the tattoo.

Ben: I absolutely love the design and will be going to see my tattooist this week. Thanks very much for all your help.

Seb: It rocks! that's exactly what I wanted. I thank you for your work, very professional. I'll recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.

AdamI’m really impressed with the design and the attention to detail.

Andrew: The tattoo design is awesome. I am very happy with it. Thank you for all your help and a special thanks to the artist who designed it.

Oscar: The result is spectacular, far better than I could expect, an amazing job! thank you for the design.

Graham: Thanks for the designs im really impressed!

Ezequiel: I did receive then six files. The design is awesome !

See some samples of the jobs we have done below (these are simulations, not actual tattoos).

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